A Plan is Only a Plan – Especially in Malawi

Today was overcast. No sun beating down on us through the work day which was nice for a change. Last night was the coldest yet! I […]

Going “Batty”

Day 2 of work is completed. We arrived shortly after 8 and worked until after 2pm. The morning was a bit chilly, but it didn’t take […]

Beginning to Build

Our first day of work is complete! We are off to an incredible start. We both woke up refreshed this morning and actually to both of […]

The Countdown to Another Journey Begins

It doesn’t seem possible that it has been a year since I set out to Malawi to complete the last project. Some days it seems like […]

Why Does this Project and Your Donation Matter?

With Change In Mind is almost 30 days into our 90 day fundraising campaign. I have been asked a lot of great questions over the last […]

Volunteer In Africa

Are you wondering if volunteer travel is right for you? Are you a college student interested in volunteering overseas? Are you a seasoned traveler who wants […]