Our trips are usually scheduled in June and July each year. We do offer private trips for groups and families, and those can be scheduled anytime of year! Dates for the following summer are normally posted in August of each year.

Depending on which trip you choose, the cost will vary. Please fill out the contact form on our site to ask about a specific trip. You will be responsible for purchasing your own airline ticket, but we are happy to help you find the best route and price. Our trip cost is inclusive of almost everything.

You are paying for your accommodations, food and transportation while you are in the country you choose to travel to. You are also paying for the extra things that are scheduled on each of our adventures.

Our trips are 70% volunteer work and 30% adventure, learning, culture, and fun!

The food on our trips is fantastic! It is a mix of western food and local culture. We make every effort to partner with people in Malawi who serve fresh, safe, and tasty food. Some of our volunteers have commented that they have never eaten better than when they were in Malawi! And the coffee is FANTASTIC!

Our organization takes great pride in the safety and comfort that we offer on our trips. You will always be staying on private property, and your wellbeing is one of our top priorities. You will be with our WCIM trip leader throughout the entire adventure. Our volunteers are never on their own.

People of all ages and all walks of life have enjoyed our trips. We have had volunteers between the ages of 8 and 80. We have had volunteers who are teachers, nurses, business people, students and everything in between. This is one of the things that makes our adventures unique. We believe that everyone has something special to offer.

No, our organization is not connected to any one church or religion. We choose to be an inclusive organization rather than an exclusive one. We pride ourselves on giving all people with a desire to volunteer an opportunity to do so through With Change In Mind. *In the past we have been happy to accommodate requests made by volunteers who wish to attend religious ceremonies. We have also had volunteers who wish to share their faith with the people we serve.

Our trips are typically 2 weeks. This includes travel days and allows for 12 full days in the country where you volunteer. Private trips can be longer or shorter depending on your goals.

With Change In Mind makes every effort to create a unique and special experience for each of our volunteers. All requests are considered. If we are able, we will accommodate you.

A few items that make our trips unique are the diversity of our volunteers and our incredible itinerary. It is also very important to us that the volunteer work we participate in is meaningful! We focus on sustainable projects that will have a lasting impact in the communities that we work. Our trips are very immersive, and we believe that one-on-one and face-to-face experiences are powerful!

We will send you a pre-trip packet that will cover all the ins and outs of your trip. You will get packing lists, immunization guidelines, country information, and lots of helpful tips. We are also here to answer all of your questions as they come up. Each volunteer is different therefore the pre-trip process is different for everyone. Some people require more information than others. We are happy to guide you every step of the way. You are joining the WCIM family, and we see each volunteer in that way.