It All Starts With A Plan

With Change In Mind has just returned from another wonderful trip to Malawi. This trip was unique in so many ways.   For the past year […]

The School Year Begins!

My most recent trip to Malawi gave me the wonderful opportunity to see 26 “littles” start school! I was thrilled to be there and see all […]

How I brought Malawi home to my family (guest blog)

Malawi was such a beautiful gift to me. A couple of months later and I still struggle to find the words to describe what this trip […]

Chithunzi (Photograph)

I’ve been traveling and volunteering in Malawi, Africa for the past ten years. Over the course of those ten years I have learned a lot! When […]

Tackling Obstacles (guest blog)

Her smile, her laughter, and her deep, brown eyes. That is the essence of Ruthie. I have followed With Change In Mind since before it was […]

2017 Project Update

Our summer trips in Malawi have come to an end. It has been difficult for me to figure out how to put into words all that […]