Mission Statement / Vision

With Change In Mind’s Mission Statement is simple…

“To positively affect the lives of children, communities and volunteers all over the world”


Our vision is to create short term volunteer adventures that will have a positive impact on the lives of children, communities and volunteers. These trips are focused in countries in the developing world. Currently we are working closely with communities in Malawi, Africa. With each trip our projects are carefully chosen. Trips focus on the environment, food security, improving infrastructure, education and health care.

With Change In Mind gives volunteers the opportunity to not only support these projects financially, but also see them through. Raising money is one thing, but being on the ground and building, teaching, and implementing ideas is another.

The face to face experience is powerful. We want volunteers to feel vested in the projects they participate in and be an integral part of the driving force that is needed to complete them and keep them sustainable over the years.