With Change In Mind has a promo video!!

We are so proud to finally have a video to show all of you. Hopefully this will be the first of many and we would love […]

One final note….

So as I sit here alone on my last evening in Malawi I realize there is so much I haven’t shared.  So much of these experiences […]

Winding down :(

Today was my last full day here in Malawi. This morning I woke up quite early again and took the opportunity to go have a cup […]

Our last full day of work…

Yesterday was our last full work day here in Malawi. I woke up about 5:30 and began cleaning up my little hut. It was time to […]

A long and bumpy road

We woke up before the sun today. The first day I was able to see the sunrise on this trip. It was beautiful and a wonderful […]

Rocks and more rocks

Saturday was a work day. A short day, but we still were able to get in a few hours of hard labor. The plan for Saturday […]