• “The worst part of the entire trip was knowing it was going to end.”
    Student 17 yrs old
  • "Our experience with the crew from With Change In Mind was simply amazing.  Prior to the trip Erin provided endless amounts of information for our seemingly never-ending list of questions.  The trip itself was very smooth. The location is eye opening, the work is rewarding and the overall experience is humbling.  Working side by side with the people of Malawi provides you an unparalleled look into the real life struggles some people deal with. Erin has made it her mission to change that. Over the past 9 years, Erin has built a one-of-a-kind trip balancing hard work, personal interactions and amazing experiences. The trip through Zambia on Safari and final nights stay at the Kumbali County Lodge was the perfect way to end the trip.
    I can't say enough good things about the trip and the group at With Change In Mind.  If you are thinking about going... just say yes."
    Director of Photography/ Partner at SpotMPG 39 yrs old
  • "Breathing, smiling, and loving are all things that we are supposed to do on this earth. Malawi reminds you of this. A life changing experience that I share with anyone willing to listen! With Change In Mind is more than your average "service organization", the passion Erin exudes for the Malawian people and her volunteers is beyond remarkable. She wakes up each day to find a way to help those in Malawi and only hopes that those who volunteer with her feel the same way once they leave. I know I do!"
    Project Manager 33 yrs old
  • "My With Change in Mind experience was truly transformative. We worked towards a project that culminated with a deeply touching dedication ceremony that brought to light just how important this type of work is and exemplified the deep connection and trust that WCIM and the local community have built together. I'd recommend WCIM to anyone looking to make a difference, gain a different perspective on life, or just have an adventure of a lifetime."
    Public Outreach Specialist 30 yrs old
  • "...it is the change. With Change in Mind - the brain child of an amazing woman. The organization is not just another volunteer vacation. There is a village, there are children, there are teachers, aunts and uncles. You are making a difference in their lives...This is not smiling and reading to the children and [you're] done. You are left in wonder with wee little ones and smiling faces and very ambitious projects."
    Commerical Property Manager 60 yrs old
  • “WCIM offers a unique cultural experience that has a positive and meaningful impact on both the people of Malawi and the volunteers. The trips that I took were life-changing, and I’d recommend taking a trip with WCIM to anyone and everyone!”
    22 yrs old Registered Nurse
  • “Traveling to Malawi through With Change In Mind was the single best decision I ever made. The experiences are authentic, the people we interacted with were welcoming and I was well taken care of during this life-changing journey. It may be half a world away but it’s a trip and an organization that stays in your heart forever.”
    Anna Marie
    Teacher 25 yrs old
  • “WCIM goes above and beyond to give an all encompassing and truly immersive experience. I found it hard to see the world the same way after the trip. It was also a fantastic opportunity for personal growth and reflection.”
    Construction Contractor 30 yrs old
  • “This is a well planned adventure that gives lots of opportunity for personal growth. The local people, especially the children welcomed us beyond description. Very rewarding”
    Retired 74 yrs old
  • “The entire experience changed my life. I often sit back and look at the photos that I have on my walls and can still feel the warmth I received in that country. When I tell people that I went to Africa and when I tell them what I did while I was there, it always gives me the excitement and fulfillment all over again. I love to share my experience with people and tell them to look into With Change In Mind because it's a gift that the organization gave me that I will hold in my heart forever.”
    Traveler 32 yrs old
  • “The entire experience of living and working in a village is unique and enriching. It allows you to affect the lives of real people on a one on one opportunity. I don’t know of any other organization that puts together such a comprehensive and fulfilling experience.”
    Retired Architect 67 yrs old
  • “The most amazing experience of my life! I tell everyone I know and meet that I believe everyone should have this With Change In Mind experience at least once in their life, it will change you for the better.”
    Title Clerk 40 yrs old