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Yesterday started around 9am with a trip out to Kumbali Village for breakfast with Andrew and his family. I needed to see the accommodations again at the village and make sure I understood completely how things would work when my group comes in June. I was able to get a closer look at the huts, the kitchen, the food, the grounds and in general just how everything would work logistically. I am now even more excited to come back with the group and work from this new itinerary. All the volunteers are going to LOVE how we have been able to change things this year. I am finding that because I have traveled now in Malawi for more than 4 years I am finally able to figure out the best things to see and do for the groups and make the experience which has always been good so much better.

After we ate and I wandered around the village we sat and listened to a few musicians play their guitars near where the fire pit is. Andrew’s 3 boys got to play the drums and danced and it was great to see them just running and playing together while we all sat and chatted about the upcoming trip. Guy who is the owner of Kumbali Lodge sat with us and was able to answer all kinds of questions I had. The group of people we are now working with in Malawi is wonderful and willing to accommodate whatever needs I have for the group. Its great to have made such good friends here.

After leaving the village Andrew took me to 2 other hotels/bed and breakfast here near the city just to get an idea of some other options. Both that I saw were wonderful and I have plans to try and use those properties for visitors (I found a place I think Patrick would be comfortable when I bring him here on vacation some day). We headed back to the house and got ready to attend a party at the restaurant. Andrew and his team were celebrating their 1 year anniversary of taking over Buchanan’s. I was lucky to be invited to share in the celebration. The little boys and Susan also came and stayed until it was time to put the boys to bed. I hung around to listen to the music and watch everyone dancing. For the last 2 hours of the party I was behind the bar reliving my bar tending days while Andrew danced with his employees.

The crowd was so thankful to have been given this party and many of the employees gave speeches to Andrew and his parents which was neat to see. We drove a few people home and then off to bed. I fell asleep quickly, but for some reason woke up around 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I have no clock in my room so I wasn’t sure what time it was….seemed like I waited forever for the sun to come up. I’m sure Ellen was glad she missed that early morning episode because rest assure I would have been talking her ear off had she been stuck there in the room with me. Isaac had the day off yesterday so he could attend church and be with his family. He is due to pick me up here soon and we have people to meet and things to take care of today. Ill be booking our safari for Zambia this morning and getting all my questions answered in regard to that so that all will go smoothly once the group is here. I am also visiting a potental project this afternoon.

Missing you all, but please know all is well.


  1. Norma says:

    Good morning Erin,It's 5:50 a.m. here and I couldn't wait to read what you've been doing! Sounds like another good day. Hope today goes well also. We had an 80 plus degree day here yesterday but extremely windy. Hope you find the perfect project today! Love, mom

  2. Linda says:

    All sound fantastic! Too bad I am not with you…you could talk my ear off in the morning – I do not growl like Ellen in the morning..lol.. however, I know she is more fun 🙂 What fun to relive the bartending days! I am very happy for your good luck and timing to enjoy Andrew's party. I look forward each day to hearing about your journey. Hugs.

  3. NJCowan says:

    Was this a work excursion? This is starting to sound like a pretty amazing vacation filled with lots of friends and laughter. 🙂 I'm sure its a bit of both, and nobody deserves to have some fun more than you. All your posts sound so hopeful and joyful. Warms the heart to hear you are having such a good time.

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